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Squirreltoken: bundling sqbot and sqrl


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About $SQRL

Squirrel Token (SQRL) is a cutting-edge utility token anchoring an expansive ​trading ecosystem designed for the digital age.

SQRL is the lifeblood of a platform where token holders unlock access to the Squirrel Bot, an ​advanced trading algorithm. Holders Earn Rewards through the trading algo, and can gain access via ​purchase to a unique set of software and services.

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Staking and rewards

  • USDC Rewards:

A share of profits from the Squirrel Bot’s trading success is ​distributed as USDC, and can be re-upped through SQTax.

  • SQRL Rewards:

Stakers earn extra SQRL tokens, enhancing their holding and ​potential growth.

  • SQRLBot Access:

Depending on the amount of coins staked, tiered access is ​granted to SQRLBot as well as a suite of other tools and ​services

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Meet SQBot

  • Advanced Trading Algo:

SQ Bot features predictive analysis and precision risk ​management, providing optimal trade entries and adaptive ​profit-taking signals

  • Customizability:

Configurable for multiple asset classes, including ​cryptocurrencies and stocks, catering to both long-term ​investing and scalping strategies.

  • Smart Risk Mechanics:

Includes a flag system for real-time profit and loss ​management and uses adaptive mechanisms

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try us out!

Want to Watch SquirrelBot Trade Live?

Not Convinced? Check out SquirrelBOT’s Daily ​Streams to have an opportunity to view our algo ​work it’s magic! Live trade with us completely FREE ​and see the magic happen.

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  • SQRL Transaction Tax

Imposes a 0.03% tax on all buy, sell, and send transactions, ​with the taxed tokens being permanently burned.

  • Burn Tax:

The burning mechanism from the 0.06% tax effectively ​reduces the total supply of SQRL.

  • Insurance Pool ($SQRL):

An additional 0.6% tax on all transactions is allocated to the ​SQRLBot Insurance Pool. The SQRLBot Insurance Pool serves ​as a financial buffer, providing a safety net for trades that ​don't perform as expected

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Gempad Presale

  • Currency:

The presale accepts USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the USD, ​with ETH for gas fees.

  • Softcap Target (USDC):

A minimum fundraising goal of $2,500 (softcap) set for the ​presale.

  • Hardcap Limit (USDC):

The presale has a maximum fundraising limit of $25,000 ​(hardcap).

  • Blockchain Info:

    • Utilizes the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum ​blockchain for token transactions.
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  • Purchase Squirrel Bot:

Earn airdrop coins by acquiring the Squirrel Bot, incentivizing ​utilization of our trading tools.

  • Complete Zealy Quests:

Participate in and complete designated Zealy quests to ​receive airdrop rewards.

  • Create Quality Content:

Contribute high-quality, valuable content to the community ​to earn airdrops.

  • Server Staff:

Active involvement and contribution as a server staff member ​are rewarded with airdrop coins.

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Meet our staff


Chief Developer ​$SQRL and SQBot ​Lead


Community ​Manager

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